The peninsula Vikbolandet is bordering the bay Bråviken at the north and the bay Slätbaken in the south.

By being close to Kolmården Zoo, the arcipelago of Östergötland, Göta Channel, Norrköping and Söderköping makes Vikbolandet a good starting point for different kinds of experiences in the eastern part of Östergötland.

Here you find….

An open cultivated landscape

Forests with wild animals, birds, mushrooms, berries and silence

An arcipelago with beaches, marinas and boating

Horses, cows, pigs, sheeps, ostriches, turkeys, deers and bisons

Many good bicycle and biking roads

B&B’s, cabins, camping lots, hotels and hostels

Farm shops with locally produced products and handcrafts

Restaurants and cafes

Churches and castles

Ancient monuments and historic sites


Golf courses

Well-stocked supermarkets

Free ferries over Bråviken and Slätbaken.

Welcome to the land between the bays!

Take a look at Bråvikslandet